At the heart of an applied air conditioning system is a powerful, reliable chiller.  Daikin Chillers provide highly efficient comfort solutions for all kinds of HVAC applications from small retail projects to large commercial and district cooling schemes. 

Many kinds of energy intensive, specialist industrial operations depend on Daikin chillers for precise control of process cooling and climate management.  When combined with air handling units or fan coil units for indoor heating and cooling, Daikin chillers offer an efficient and flexible means to control your indoor environment.

So when it comes to chilled water systems, one size certainly does not fit all.  Daikin has a comprehensive range of chillers to meet every requirement, offering advanced technologies that optimise performance, whatever the environment.

Daikin air cooled chillers have been the choice for system designers who are focused on simplicity and low cost. A system based on air-cooled chiller usually is less expensive to install and easier to maintain than other types, such as water-cooled systems.

To complement the chiller systems from Daikin McQuay, a broad range of Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units are also available.

Daikin water cooled chillers are available with a variety of compressor types, to match your system performance requirements, application and budget.