Commercial Product Solutions

Commercial sites can range in size from a few hundred to several thousand square metres. That’s why Daikin offers a range of technologically advanced systems designed to meet practically any challenge: Daikin's flexible, reliable and energy-efficient air conditioning, air treatment and complete HVAC systems deliver absolute comfort to nearly any building.

If you’re commissioning a new site or upgrading an existing one there is a Daikin Solution to suit your needs.


Daikin VRV is a commercially applied climate management solution that optimises comfort and control and delivering significant energy efficiencies.

Daikin's Gas Heat Pump (GHP) air conditioning system consumes less electrical power than conventional Electrical Heat Pump systems, whilst delivering air conditioned comfort to the modern building.

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Designed for commercial applications, Daikin’s rooftop packaged systems are easy to install, visually discreet and designed for the harsh Australian and New Zealand climates.

Daikin’s outside air solutions offer an energy efficient means of pre-treating incoming fresh air from outside to improve indoor air quality.

Designed for use in shops, restaurants and small offices, Daikin Sky Air offers a complete comfort solution that puts you in full control of heating, cooling and ventilation. 

Daikin’s advanced control systems give you the flexibility and control over your climate control system, and provide advanced monitoring and reporting.

Daikin’s extensive indoor fan coil unit range means there’s an indoor unit to suit virtually any application or decor.

Designed specifically to suit installations where space is at a premium, for unparalleled flexibility and freedom of design, making it the ideal choice for large residential developments.

Daikin Altherma is an innovative underfloor heating system that heats (and can even cool) a building by extracting and concentrating heat from the outside air, then distributing warmth evenly from the floor up.