VRV Indoor Units

Daikin’s extensive VRV indoor fan coil unit range means there’s an indoor unit to suit virtually any application or décor.

Fan Coil Units

With Daikin VRV IV, up to 64 indoor units can be connected to a single system. Plus, with 18 different VRV indoor unit types offering 106 models different models, a Daikin VRV system can be tailored to meet both the performance and aesthetic requirements of virtually any project.

VRV IV can now also be connected to our residential indoor units with the use of a BP Unit, further expanding your choices.

Find out more about each unit by clicking through the tabs for each model below...

VRV Indoor Units

CAPACITY RANGE (kW) 2.2 2.8 3.6 4.5 5.6 7.1 8 9.0 11.2 14.0 16.0 16.2 20.0 22.4 28.0
CAPACITY INDEX 20 25 31.2 40 50 62.5 71 80 100 125 140 145 180 200 250
Ceiling Mounted Cassette
(Round Flow with Sensing)
FXFQ-SVM   X X X X X   X X X          
Ceiling Mounted Cassette
(Round Flow)
FXFQ-PVE   X X X X X   X X X          
Ceiling Mounted Cassette
FXZQ-MVE X X X X X                    
4-Way Flow Ceiling
(Double Flow)
FXUQ-AVEB             X   X            
Ceiling Mounted Cassette
(Double Flow)
FXCQ-MVE X X X X X X   X   X          
Ceiling Mounted Cassette Corner FXKQ-MAVE   X X X   X                  
Slim Ceiling Mounted Duct FXDQ-PBVE
(700mm Width)
X X X                        
(900/1100mm Width)
      X X X                  
(450mm Depth)
X X X X X X                  
Ceiling Mounted Built-In FXSYQ-MVE
(300mm height)
X X X X X X   X X X          
(245mm height)
X X X X X X   X X X X        
Ceiling Concealed (Duct) FXDYQ-M(A)V1               X X X   X X X X
Ceiling Mounted Duct FXMQ-PVE X X X X X X   X X X X        
FXMQ-MAVE                           X X
Ceiling Suspended FXHQ-MAVE     X     X     X            
Wall Mounted FXAQ-PVE X X X X X X                  
Floor Standing FXLQ-MAVE X X X X X X                  
Concealed Floor Standing FXNQ-MAVE X X X X X X                  

Note: R-410A VRV System indoor units are not compatible with the R-22 VRV System.


Residential Indoor Units

Capacity Range (kW) 2.0 2.5 3.5 5.0 6.0 7.1
Capacity Index 20 25 35 50 60 71
Type Model  
Ceiling Mounted Cassette FCQ-BVE     X X X X
Ceiling Mounted Cassette
(Compact Multi Flow)
FFQ-BV1B   X X X X  
Ceiling Mounted Built-in FBQ-BVV1B         X X
Ceiling Suspended FHQ-BVV1B     X X X  
Slim Ceiling CDXS-EAVMA   X X      
Mounted Duct FDXS-CVMA   X X X X  
Designer Wall Mounted CTXG-PVMAW
  X X X    
  X X X    
Wall Mounted FTXS-KVMA X X X      
Floor Standing FVXS-KV1A   X X X    
Floor/Ceiling FLXS-BVMA   X        
Suspended Dual FLXS-GVMA     X X X  

Note: BP Unit for each residential indoor unit is required for connection to VRV IV outdoor.


BP Unit Only for Residential Indoor Units

Daikin offers 2 types of BP Units, BPMKS967A3 with 3 port or BPMKS967A2 with 2 port option.

Model BPMKS967A3 BPMKS967A2
Power supply BP Unit Only Residential Unit Three PortBP Unit Only Residential Unit Two Port
Power supply 1-phase, 220-240 V/220-230 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD, mm) 180 x 294 x 350
Connectable indoor units 2.5 kW class to 7.1 kW class
Min. rated capacity of connectable indoor units 2.0 kW
Max. rated capacity of connectable indoor units 20.8 kW 14.2 kW

Notes: liquid line per port is 6.4ø (mm), gas line per port is 15.9ø (mm)


Combination Ratio

Connection Capacity at Maximum is 130%
(combination ratio = Total Capacity index of the indoor units / Capacity index of the outdoor units)

Conditions of indoor unit connection capacity

Applicable indoor units FXDQ FXSYQ FXMQ-P FXAQ Other*




Double 160%
Triple 130%

* For the FXFQ25 models, maximum connection ratio is 130% for the entire range of outdoor units.

  1. For indoor units used for cooling only, the total capacity index must be 50% or less than the capacity index of the outdoor units.
  2. If the operational capacity of indoor units is more than 130%, low airflow operation is enforced in all the indoor units.
Fan Coil Units

Ceiling Mounted Cassette
(Round Flow) Type

360 degree airflow improves temperature distribution for superior comfort.


  • FXFQ25P
  • FXFQ32P
  • FXFQ40P
  • FXFQ50P
  • FXFQ63P
  • FXFQ80P
  • FXFQ100P
  • FXFQ125P

The industry's first Round Flow Ceiling Mounted Cassette offers 360° airflow with improved temperature distribution.

Fan Coil Units


  • Drain pumps are fitted as standard to all Daikin roundflow cassettes for a generous 850mm lift height.
  • A 3-step control for airflow rate makes it easier to fine tune comfort levels.
  • A silver ion antibacterial treated drain pan inhibits slime, mould and bacteria growth – the most common cause of blockages and unpleasant odours.
  • Filters used in Daikin's ceiling mounted cassettes have an anti-mould and antibacterial treatment, to help prevent mould growth from dust or moisture.
  • The horizontal louvers on Daikin Ceiling Mounted Cassettes have been specially designed to prevent dew condensation. Their non-flocking surfaces also repel dirt, making them easy to clean.

Example of airflow patterns:

All round flow4 way flow3 way flowL-shaped 2 way flow

Discharger outlets can be sealed off to suit your room configuration. 360° airflow is available, as well as 2 to 4-way flows, so you can choose the most suitable airflow pattern depending on location or room layout.

Daikin Roundflow Cassettes also deliver low noise levels, with specific models (FXFQ32/40/50P) operating at 27db(A) on low speed.

Multi Flow Cassette 

Ceiling Mounted Cassette (Compact Flow) Type

Quiet, compact, and designed for user comfort


  • FXZQ20M
  • FXZQ25M
  • FXZQ32M
  • FXZQ40M
  • FXZQ50M

Designed to suit 600x600 mm architectural module ceiling design specifications.

Low operational sound level

FXZQ-M 20/25 32 40 50
Sound Level
dB(A) (H/L)
32/26 34/28 27/29 42/35

 Comfortable airflow

Fixed Angle Multi angle
1. Wide discharge angle: 0 to 60 degrees. Discharger louver angles can also be set on site for draft prevention, (0-35 degrees) or to prevent soiling of the ceiling (25-60 degrees). 2. Compact flow cassettes can be configured for 1, 3 and 4 way airflow patterns, for better performance when installed in corners or narrow spaces (requires optional sealing member)
Different airflow configurations
 Flow Diagram

Optional Drain Pump
All Compact Flow cassettes come with a drain pump fitted as standard, for a generous 750 mm lift.

Dbl flow cassette 

Ceiling Mounted Cassette
(Double Flow) Type

Thin, lightweight, and easy to install in narrow ceiling spaces


  • FXCQ20M
  • FXCQ25M
  • FXCQ32M
  • FXCQ40M
  • FXCQ50M
  • FXCQ63M
  • FXCQ80M
  • FXCQ125M


Low profile installation
With a height of only 305mm, Daikin’s low profile Double Flow Cassette can be installed in ceiling spaces as shallow as 350 mm.

Depth diagram
All models feature a compact design with a depth of only 600 mm.

  • Designed with high airflow to suit high ceiling applications up to 3 metres.
  • Drain pump is fitted as standard, providing a generous 600 mm lift.
Ceiling mounted cassette corner 

Ceiling Mounted Cassette
Corner Type

Low profile design for flexible installation


  • FXKQ25MA
  • FXKQ32MA
  • FXKQ40MA
  • FXKQ63MA

With a slim body, this unit is ideal for installation in ceiling cavities as shallow as 220mm.  It can even be installed in cavities as shallow as 195mm with an optional panel spacer.

Installation diagram

  • A drain pump is fitted as standard, giving a generous 500 mm lift.
  • Providing 3 different settings of standard, draft prevention and ceiling soiling prevention, the auto swing mechanism achieves even distribution of airflow and room temperature.
  • An optional front air discharge is unit allows the installation in drop-ceilings or sagging walls.
    Downward Air Discharge Optional Air Discharge Grille
    Standard configuration - Set for front discharge using a suspended ceiling Downward Discharge is shut off and air is blown straight out
Ceiling Mounted Duct Type

Slim Ceiling Mounted
(compact) Duct Type

Slim design, quietness and static pressure switching




700mm width
  • FXDQ20PB
  • FXDQ25PB
  • FXDQ32PB

Only 700mm wide and weighing only 23kg, this model is ideal for installation in tight spaces such as drop-ceilings in hotels

900mm width
  • FXDQ40NB
  • FXDQ50NB
  • FXDQ63NB

Only 200mm in height, this model can be installed in rooms with as little as 240mm depth between the drop-ceiling and ceiling slab.

  • A drain pump with a generous 750mm lift is fitted as standard
  • Low operational sound levels
XDQ-PB/NB 40 50 63
Sound Level db(A) (HH/H/L) 34/32/30 35/33/31


Values represent sound levels during rear-suction operation. During bottom-suction operation, sound levels increase by 5dB(A) over the figures quoted.  Values are based on the following conditions: FXDQ-PB: External static pressure of 10 Pa; FXDQ-NB: external static pressure of 15 Pa.

Ceiling Mounted Built In Type 

Ceiling Mounted Built In type

Flexible enough to suit a wide range of applications


  • FXSYQ20M
  • FXSYQ25M
  • FXSYQ32M
  • FXSYQ40M
  • FXSYQ50M
  • FXSYQ63M
  • FXSYQ80M
  • FXSYQ100M
  • FXSYQ125M

Flexible configuration options

Installation Examples

Shallow installation space requirements

The unit can be installed if there is a space of 350 mm above ceiling (when suction panel is used).

Ceiling Space


Optional Drain Pump Available

A drain pump is fitted as standard, for a generous 250 mm lift.

Drain pump


Low operational sound levels

FXSYQ-M 20/25/32 40 50 63 80/100 125
db(A) (HH/H/L) 41/33.5 41/34.5 43/37 45/38.5 48/43 49/41.5

Values of operation sound level are based on Australian Standard 1217.6-1985.  Measurement is based on bottom-return rear entry.

 Ceiling mounted duct type 

Ceiling Concealed (Duct) type

High static pressure for greater flexibility when designing duct layouts


  • FXDYQ100MA
  • FXDYQ125MA
  • FXDYQ145MA
  • FXDYQ180M
  • FXDYQ200M
  • FXDYQ250M

Hi-X heat exchanger coils provide even more energy efficiency.

High external static pressure gives engineers greater flexibility when planning duct layout and design, to suit space requirements

Model Static pressure
FXDYQ80MA–145MA 120 Pa
FXDYQ180M 150 Pa
FXDYQ200M 180 Pa
FXDYQ250M 200 Pa
  • Return air spigots included for ease of installation for FXDYQ80MA-145MA models
  • Quiet yet powerful supply air fan
Ceiling Mounted Duct Type 

Ceiling Mounted Duct Type

Medium to high static pressure for more flexible duct design


  • FXMQ20P
  • FXMQ25P
  • FXMQ32P
  • FXMQ40P
  • FXMQ50P
  • FXMQ63P
  • FXMQ80P
  • FXMQ100P
  • FXMQ125P
  • FXMQ140P

Daikin’s powerful DC fan motor increases the external static pressure capacity range to include medium to high static pressures, increasing design flexibility and allowing for the provisioning of more complex duct layouts.

Model Static Pressure
FXMQ20P-32P 30–100 Pa
FXMQ40P 30–160 Pa
FXMQ50P-125P 50–200 Pa
FXMQ140P 50–140 Pa
  • With all models only 300mm in height and light weight (the FXMQ40P weights only 28kg), Daikin’s Ceiling Mounted Duct Type units are easy to install in tight ceiling spaces.
  • A drain pump is fitted as standard equipment, for a generous 700mm lift.
  • FXMQ is also very quiet, with operating sound levels as low as 29dB(A) for superior occupant comfort.
FXMQ-P 2/25 32 40 50 63 80/100 125 140
Sound Level
(HH/H/L) dB(A)
33/ 31/ 29 34/ 32/ 30 39/ 37/ 35 41/ 39/ 37 42/ 40/ 38 43/ 41/ 39 44/ 42/ 40 46/ 45/ 43
Ceiling Suspended Type 

Ceiling Suspended Type

Slim body with quiet operation and wide airflow for superior in room comfort


  • FXHQ32MA
  • FXHQ63MA
  • FXHQ100MA

This cassette unit uses Daikin’s QUIET STREAM FAN to deliver powerful, wide-reaching airflow from a compact, quiet package.

Quiet Flow Diagram

Low operational sound levels
FXHQ-MA 32 63 100
Sound Level
db(A) (H/L)
36/31 39/34 45/37

Drain pump
An optional drain pump kit is available for a generous 600mm lift.

Drain Pump Wide Angle
A Drain pump kit is available as an optional accessory, for a generous 600mm lift Wide air discharge openings produce a spreading 100 degree airflow
Wall mounted type 

Wall Mounted Type

Stylish flat panel design to compliment your interior décor


  • FXAQ20P
  • FXAQ25P
  • FXAQ32P
  • FXAQ40P
  • FXAQ50P
  • FXAQ63P

The flat panel design is not only stylish, but also easy to clean.  Day to day, dust and dirt can be removed with a single pass of a lint-free cloth.  The flat panel is also easy to remove for more thorough cleaning.

A Vertical Auto-Swing mode is designed to distribute the air more evenly and effectively, and five different air discharge angles can be adjusted via the remote control to fine-tune occupant comfort.

Air control surfaces and louvers automatically close when the unit is turned off, further minimising it’s already discreet visual presence.

Low operational sound levels

FXAQ 20 25 32 40 50 63
Sound Level
db(A) (H/L)
35/31 36/31 38/31 39/34 42/37 47/41

Drain pump
An optional drain pump kit is available, for a generous 1,000mm lift.

Floor Standing 

Floor Standing Type

Designed specifically for perimeter zone air conditioning


  • FXLQ20MA
  • FXLQ25MA
  • FXLQ32MA
  • FXLQ40MA
  • FXLQ50MA
  • FXLQ63MA

An advanced design with piping located discreetly at the rear of the unit also gives you the flexibility of wall mounting, for more options when planning your room layout and making it easier to clean underneath the unit where dust and grime may otherwise accumulate.

Installation diagram

Floor Standing Concealed 

Concealed Floor Standing Type

Designed for discreet installation in perimeter skirting-walls


  • FXNQ20MA
  • FXNQ25MA
  • FXNQ32MA
  • FXNQ40MA
  • FXNQ50MA
  • FXNQ63MA

The unit is designed to be concealed inside perimeter skirting walls, for a discreet, low profile installation that won’t impact on interior spaces or designs.

Ceiling suspended cassette type

Ceiling Suspended Cassette Type (with four-way flow)

Thin enough for installation where no ceiling cavity exists, yet providing exceptional air distribution


  • FXUQ71AV
  • FXUQ100AV

This unit provides optimum air distribution for enhanced in-room comfort, and yet is exceptionally thin - its small form factor making it the ideal choice for installation where no ceiling cavity is available.

4-Way Airflow
from the centre
of the store
3-Way Airflow can distribute
comfortable air throughout
the room

Only one unit is needed
for an L-shaped
room or store

4 Way airflow 3 way airflow L shaped airflow

Ceiling Mounted Cassette (Round Flow with Sensing) Type

360 degree air flow with infrared sensor enables detection of people presence and floor temperature to provide comfort and energy savings


Daikin Ceiling Mounted Cassette Round Flow with Sensing
  • FXFQ25S
  • FXFQ32S
  • FXFQ40S
  • FXFQ50S
  • FXFQ63S
  • FXFQ80S
  • FXFQ100S
  • FXFQ125S

The FXFQ-S is no ordinary cassette with all the benefits of round flow air distribution, the FXFQ-S also features individual airflow direction control and state of the art infrared sensor that not just detects human presence but can also sense floor temperature to ensure optimal comfort and energy savings.

Presence Sensing
When no people are detected in the area, the unit can automatically adjust set point temperature to save energy. The unit can also be set to turn off if no occupants are detected.

Presence Sensing Feature

Temperature Sensing
The temperature near the person is automatically calculated by detecting the temperature of the floor. By ensure comfortable conditions around the feet, the tendency for people to raise or lower set point resulting in over cooling or heating is prevented, this is because you are cooled/warmed from the feet.



When air is blown horizontally:

When air is blown downward:

Without temperature sensing functioning when blowing horizontally Without temperature sensing functioning when blowing downward

Feet get cold because warm air collects near the ceiling and the area near the floor doesn't reach the set temperature. For this reason we end up raising the temperature setting.

Uncomfortable draft occurs because air is blown downwards. To avoid draft, air direction is changed to horizontal and feet get cold.



With temperature sensing functioning

With the sensing function, the floor temperature which is lower is detected and warm air is blown downward where no person is present and air is blown horizontally where the person is located. This is more comfortable as the draft is reduced and the area around the feet is warm.

Individual airflow direction control
Airflow direction of each of the four air outlets can be controller individually to ensure comfort for all occupants. For example, if one of the outlets is inducing uncomfortable draft, the outlet can be ‘blocked’ to reduce air velocity.

Airflow Direction Control

Slim Ceiling Mounted (Compact) Bulkhead Type

Compact, lightweight, low static ducted unit is the ideal solution for bulkhead applications


Daikin Slim ceiling mounted bulkhead type
  • FXDQ20SPV1
  • FXDQ25SPV1
  • FXDQ32SPV1
  • FXDQ40SPV1
  • FXDQ50SPV1
  • FXDQ63SPV1

Compact, Lightweight Design:

FXDQ-SV1 20 25 32 40 50 63
H x W x D (mm) 200 x 700 x 450 200 x 900 x 450 200 x 1100 x 450
Weight (kg) 17 20 23
    Standard Closet Indoor Units
  • Maintains comfort whilst discreet installation ensures clean, contemporary aesthetic
  • With a height of only 200mm and a depth of 450mm, the FXDQ-SPV1 series is suitable for application with limited ceiling cavity of a minimum 240mm. Ideal applications include drop ceilings and standard wardrobes in hotels, residential apartments and small offices where discreet installation and quiet operations are desired.
  • Drain pump is equipped as standard accessory with 750mm lift

Easy & Flexible Installation:
The lightweight and slim nature of the FXDQ-SPV1 series makes it easier to handle and work with on site. Currently, two options (Ceiling return or with rear duct return) are offered for seamless integration.

Two Options with Duct Return

Low Operation Sound Levels:

FXDQ-SV1 20 25 32 40 50 63
Sound Level db(A) (H/L) 31/29 31/29 32/30 33/31 33/31 35/33

Slim Ceiling Mounted Duct Type

Industry leading features including a low profile design, DC indoor fan and automatic airflow adjustment


VRV Indoor Units Low Profile Ducted FXSQ-PVE

  • FXSQ100PVE
  • FXSQ125PVE
  • FXSQ140PVE

Slim-line Design:

FXSQ-PVE 20 25 32 40 50 63 80 100 125 140
H x W x D (mm) 245x550x800 245x700x800 245x1000x800 245x1400x800 245x1550x800
    Daikin low profile indoor unit schematic
  • Low profile indoor unit with a height of 245mm and a built-in condensate pump is ideally suited for installation into tight ceiling spaces
  • Simplified commissioning via Automatic Airflow Adjustment feature allows the fan speed to adjust automatically to suit your duct design
  • Installation flexibility with the option of Rear Suction or Bottom Suction to facilitate easier maintenance and to suit application constraints