Light Commercial (Sky Air)

Ceiling Cassette

Sky Air Cassette – The complete comfort solution for retail and light commercial applications

The ideal solution for all kinds of commercial spaces, Daikin Sky Air is a complete comfort solution that puts you in full control of heating, cooling and ventilation.

Designed for use in shops, restaurants and small offices, Daikin Sky Air provides a comfortable environment for building occupants all year round and offers building owners substantial operating efficiencies over conventional air conditioning systems.

Apart from the Round-Flow Cassette series that is featured here, Daikin also has the following Sky Air Inverter products.

Ceiling Suspended:    5.8kW, 9.2kW and 11.2kW
Wall Mounted:            10kW      
Compact Cassette:    6kW

Round Flow Cassette

360° airflow with improved temperature distribution

Conventional Flow Round Flow
Conventional Flow Round Flow
Doesn't circulate air evenly Circulates air more evenly for superior comfort

Adapts easily to virtually any installation space

Because air flows out from corner outlets not the centre, comfort spreads widely throughout an environment.  With up to 23 flow patterns, airflow can be configured to suit virtually any space.

All-round flow 3-way flow L-Shaped 2-way flow Opposite 2-way flow
All round flow 3-way flow l-shaped 2-way flow Opposite 2-way flow
eg, installed in the middle of a ceiling eg, installed near a wall eg, installed in a corner eg, installed in a long room

Inverter Technology for Enhanced Comfort

An air conditioning system with an inverter continuously adjusts its heating and cooling output in response to temperature changes in the room.  Once the set temperature is reached, a Daikin Inverter continuously adjusts its power output to ensure that it is constantly maintained, without the large temperature fluctuations of a non-inverter system.

Non inverter air conditioners must cycle on and off repeatedly, which can cause large room temperature fluctuations and wastes energy.

Soft starter is unnecessary, making electrical installation work much simpler.
non-inverter Inverter
At startup, an inverter raises frequency smoothly, eliminating the starting current spike.

Compact And Light Weight

Easy, centralized installation from a modular design.
All RZQ models offer a standard 320mm unit depth, and weigh under 100kg.

Energy Efficient

COP Graph

Note: 1. Rated cooling capacities are based on the following conditions: Indoor temp, 27°C DB, 10°C WB; Outdoor temp: 35°C DB Equiv. Refrigeration piping 7.5m, (Horizontal).
2. Rated heating capacities are based on the following conditions: Indoor temp, 20°C DB, outdoor temp, 7°C DB, 6°C WB, Equiv. refrigeration piping 7.5m, (Horizontal).

Optimised efficiency and fully MEPS Compliant.

The key measure of an air conditioners efficiency, COP is calculated by dividing a system’s capacity (kW) by it’s power consumption (kW).  The larger the resulting COP value, the more energy efficient.

Quiet Operation

Sound Level3 (dB(A)) Rated4 Night Quiet Mode
RZQ71KB 48 44
RZQ100K/100H 49 45
RZQ125K/125H 50 45
RZQ160K/160H 50 46

3. Anechoic chamber conversion value, measured according to JIS parameters and criteria.  Values may vary due to ambient conditions.
4. Value when cooling.  Value will differ when heating.

Nav Ease Controller


Sky Air is managed from a user friendly remote control with an easy-to-read LCD display, enabling users to manage various system control configurations with ease, as well as control multiple indoor units from a single remote.

Series 50 60 71 100 125 140
Ceiling Mounted Cassette (Premium Inverter) Indoor Unit FCQ50KVEA FCQ60KVEA FCQ71 KVEA FCQ100 KVEA FCQ125 KVEA FCQ140 KVEA
Ceiling Mounted Cassette (Standard Inverter) Indoor Unit     FCQN71KVEA FCQN100KVEA FCQN125KVEA FCQN140KVEA
Outdoor Unit     RQ71LV1A RQ100LV1A RQ125LV1A RQ140LV1A
Ceiling Suspended Type Indoor Unit     FHQ71BVV1B FHQ100BVV1B FHQ125BVV1B  
Outdoor Unit     RZQ71KCV4A RZQ100KCV4A, RZQ100HAY4A RZQ125KCV4A, RZQ125HAY4A  
Wall Mounted Type Indoor Unit       FAQ100BVV1B    
Outdoor Unit       RZQ100KCV4A    
High efficiency compressors for a higher COP

Daikin’s focus on innovation has led to the development of cutting edge technologies for the provision of quiet, efficient air conditioned comfort, and a high efficiency compressor helps Daikin achieve an exceptionally high COP.


High efficiency compressors – the key to Daikin VRV-III's high COP and larger capacity

Reluctance DC Scroll Compressor

Overheating losses are reduced by pressurising the area around the motor, resulting in energy saving performance in conjunction with other features:
High Thrust Mechanism
By introducing high pressure oil, the reactive force from the fixed scroll is added to the internal force, reducing thrust losses and resulting in improved efficiency and suppressed noise levels.
Powerful magnets:  Neodymium magnets are 10 times more powerful than conventional ferrite magnets.  Their use in Daikin’s DC motor delivers high torque from a compact compressor.
Stronger materials:  Casing strength has been increased by boosting the internal dome pressure.
Optimal refrigerant configuration:  Revised spiral shape and volume ratio result in the optimal refrigerant layout for more efficient operation.

Smooth Air Inlet Bell Mouth and Aero Spiral Fan

These two features work together to significantly reduce noise.  Bell mouth intake guides reduce turbulence from fan suction, while the Aero Spiral Fan incorporates blade edges designed for smooth air flow, reducing turbulence even further.

Smooth sine wave DC inverter Sine wave DC inverter
Escaping eddies are sucked in by the bent blade edges, reducing overall turbulence.

High efficiency compressors – the key to Daikin VRV-III's high COP and larger capacity

DC Fan Motor

By utilising high power permanent magnets instead of the induced magnetism of conventional AC motors, Daikin’s DC motor can deliver significantly higher motor efficiency, especially at low speeds.

Note: Data based on studies conducted under controlled conditions in Daikin laboratories.

Super Aero Grille

Super Aero Grille

Daikin’s Super Aero Grilles have also been designed for high air flow volume.  Aero grilles not only look good, but help make your air conditioner efficient and reduce operating noise levels.

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SkyAir Brochure

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