Low Profile Ducted Solutions

FBQ Low Profile DuctedDaikin Ducted air conditioning provides climate controlled comfort throughout an entire building, home or development.

The new and improved FBQ series' low profile indoor unit is located within the ceiling or under the floor and is designed specifically to suit installations where space is at a premium, for unparalleled flexibility and freedom of design.

Climate controlled air is distributed with flexible ducting distributing conditioned air through vents located in chosen areas throughout the interior. The condensing unit is discreetly located outside the property on a roof, balcony or service area.

Daikin has a full range of MEPS compliant systems. This means they comply with the Minimum Energy Performance Standards stipulated by the government.

Low Profile Design
At 245mm high with ESP of up to 150Pa, this is the ideal solution for commercial applications with tight ceiling space

Automatic Airflow Adjustment
Reduces on-site commissioning as fan speed adjusts automatically to suit your duct design

Dual Temperature Sensors (optional)
Gives the user the option of either using the sensor in the fan coil return air stream or to utilise a remote temperature sensor which can be placed in the occupied space for more precise temperature feedback

Quiet Operations
Quiet Operation, including Night Quiet Operation on outdoor units for more peaceful sleep, minimising disturbance for occupants and neighbours

Condensate Pump
A Condensate Pump is fitted as standard to all FBQ indoor units, giving a generous 850mm lift for more flexibility in installation locations

Indoor Unit
Outdoor Unit RZQS50AV1 RZQS60AV1 RZQS71AV1 RZQS100AV(Y)1
Rated Capacity (kW)
Cool 5.0 5.8 7.1 10.0
Heat 6.0 7.0 8.0 11.2
Capacity Range (kW)
Cool 3.2-5.6 3.2-6.0 3.2-8.0 5.0-11.2
Heat 3.5-7.0 3.5-8.0 3.5-9.0 5.1-12.8
Rated Power Input (kW)
Cool 1.35 1.59 1.99 2.73
Heat 1.43 1.83 1.98 2.82
Rated EER Cool 3.70 3.65 3.57 3.66
Rated COP Heat 4.20 3.83 4.04 3.97
Airflow Rate (rated) l/s 300 383 533
Indoor Sound Level (@1.5m)
dBA 35 38
Piping Length 50 75

Indoor Fan Speeds

Dimensions HxWxD (mm)
Indoor 245 x 1000 x 800 245 x 1400 x 800
Outdoor 770 x 900 x 320 990 x 940 x 320 1430 x 940 x 320
Weight (kg)
Indoor 37 47
Outdoor 64 75 108
Power Supply  V/Hz 1 Phase, 220 - 240V, 50Hz
Compressor Type   Hermetically Sealed
Swing Type
Hermetically Sealed
Scroll Type
Refrigerant   R410A
Pipe Sizes (mm) Liquid 9.5 (Flared)
Gas 15.9 (Flared)
Drain ID 25 / OD 32
Supply Air Opening HxW (mm) 176 x 792 176 x 1192
Return Air Opening HxW (mm) 208 x 952 208 x 1352
Outdoor Operating Range
° (CDB)
Cool -5 to 46
Heat -15 to 16
EPA Sound Power Level dBA 66 69
Outdoor Sound Level (H) @1m Pressure dBA (C/H) 48 / 50 50 / 52 53 / 55

Note: All units are single phase except where (Y) denotes 3 phase, 380-415V, 50Hz

High efficiency compressors for a higher COP

Daikin's new low profile ducted models incorporate the latest and most innovative technologies in the design of the  compressors, reluctance DC motors, fan blades and discharge air grilles, so the FBQ range offers superior energy efficiency, quiet operations and extended pipe runs to suit most residential developments.


High efficiency compressors for a higher COP

High efficiency compressors – the key to Daikin VRV-III's high COP and larger capacity

Reluctance Brushless DC Compressor
Significantly increases efficiency over conventional AC inverter motors by using both normal and reluctance torque to produce extra power from small electric currents.

Note: Data based on studies conducted under controlled conditions at a Daikin laboratory using Daikin products.

Smooth Sine wave DC inverter
DC Sine Wave Inverter technology smooths motor rotation, resulting in both lower operating noise levels and improved energy efficiency.

Noise-Reducing Air Inlet Bell Mouth and Aero Spiral Fan
Bell mouth guides and bent-edge fan blades also reduce turbulance.

Smooth sine wave DC inverter Sine wave DC inverter
Escaping eddies are sucked in by the bent blade edges, reducing overall turbulence.

High efficiency compressors – the key to Daikin VRV-III's high COP and larger capacity

DC Fan Motor
Improves efficiency compared to conventional AC motors, especially during low-speed rotation.

e-Bridge Circuit
Increases evaporative capacity by adding super cooling prior to the expansion cycle.  This prevents accumulation of refrigerant in the condenser for greater energy efficiency.

Cross-Pass Heat Exchanger
Daikin's Cross-Pass Heat Exchanger crosses refrigerant flows from two directions, reducing temperature hot-spots for more efficient operation and enhanced perfomance compared to single pass heat exchangers, and improving efficiency by 10%.


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Technical Documents:

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