Packaged Systems

Rooftop Package UnitDaikin rooftop packaged units have been developed specifically to suit commercial applications, and are designed for flexible and easy installation.  Daikin’s rooftop packaged units have been specially designed to withstand the harsh Australian and New Zealand climates.

Major Components

  • Condenser Fan and Motor
  • Condenser and Evaporator
  • Casing / Structure
  • Insulation
  • Evaporator Fan and Drive
  • Expansion Device
  • Compressor

Base Beam
Fixed base beams provide a rigid foundation for the entire rooftop packaged unit. Designed for easy installation as well as exceptional performance, the base beam has integrated forklift slots and pre-drilled rigging holes.  It is also designed to allow mounting on a roof curb, with detailed guidelines for dimension of the roof curb requirements provided in the installation manual.

Flexible Air Supply
All Daikin Rooftop Package Units feature a belt driven supply air fan, with a variable pitch pulley to deliver a wide range of supply air volumes and external static pressures. Servicing of supply air fan motors, pulleys and belts can be all be carried out on site, minimizing downtime and simplifying routine and unplanned maintenance.

Convertable Return and Supply Air
Daikin Rooftop Package Units can be easily converted from horizontal to vertical (downward) supply and return air duct configuration by relocating the panels and supply air fan mounting.

Powder Coated Condesnsate Drain Pan
The sheet metal condensate drain pain is powder coated for corrosion resistance.

Return Air Filters
A 50mm filter slot is provided as standard in instances where a field supplied filter is required.

Energy Efficiency
Daikin’s UAYQ-C series Rooftop Packaged Units have been developed to provide air conditioning solutions that are energy efficient, simple to use and reliable, ensuring full compliance with MEPS requirements.

Extensive Controls Capability
Daikin Rooftop Packaged Units offer more than 27 functional and control capabilities, including:

  • Variable head pressure control for low ambient cooling
  • Electronic expansion valves for precise refrigerant control
  • Self diagnostic and error warning codes
  • Standard 7days programmable timer and LCD thermostat
  • Sequential compressor and load balancing operation
  • Simple BMS and third party interface
  • Ability to connect remote sensor with 25m cable
  • Simple auxiliary booster with 3 adjustable differential settings
  • Auto-changeover (heat/cool) functionality can be configured on the controller
Model  UAYQ60
Rated Capacity Cool (kW) 16.27 26.54 34.42 42.81 53.11 63.69 68.38 84.2
Heat (kW) 15.24 25.68 35.78 43.10 56.10 63.95 72.30 91
Rated Power Input Cool (kW) 4.87 8.18 10.95 13.64 17.15 20.53 23.11 31.2
Heat (kW) 4.69 7.33 10.84 12.86 15.54 18.58 21.42 27.9
Rated EER Cool (kW) 3.34 3.24 3.14 3.14 3.10 3.10 2.96 2.7
Rated COP Heat (kW) 3.25 3.50 3.30 3.35 3.61 3.44 3.38 3.26
Power Supply v/Ph/Hz 380-415/3N~/50
Refrigerant Charge  5.50 6.10 5.8+85.8 7.2+7.2 8.7+8.7 10.4+10.4 11.6+11.6

Refrigerant Type / Control

R-410A / EEV
Evaporator Airflow Rate (l/S) 732 1560 2030 2670 3160 3450 3920 4540

External Static Pressure (Pa)

59 147 206

Drain Size (mm)

Condenser Airflow Rate (l/S) 2313 3884 5664 5710 6090 9534 10000
Sound Pressure Level (dBA) 67 68 64 65 68 70
Sound Power Level (dBA) 82 83 87 90
Compressor Quantity 1 2
Dimensions Height (mm) 1,110 1,150 1,028 1,130 1,048 1,302 1,454
Width (mm) 1,060 1,638 2,209
Depth (mm) 1,740 2,063 2,113 2,670
Weight Without Packaging (kg) 310 445 580 610 830 880 1,020

Condenser Fan and Motor
Daikin Rooftop Package Units use propeller type Condenser Fan and Motor Fans, direct driven by weatherproof electrical induction motors.  Condenser fan motors have class F insulation and splash-proof enclosures.

Condenser and Evaporator
The condenser and evaporator coils are manufactured from seamless inner grooved copper tubes mechanically bonded to aluminium fins for optimum heat transfer.  All coils are Nitrogen pressure tested to 4.2 MPa and are further leak tested with Helium at 1.6 MPa.  To improve their corrosion resistance, a Hydrophilic Gold Fin is provided as standard.

Casing / Structure
The UAYQ-C series casing is made of zinc coated galvanized steel sheets which are powder coated to provide a durable weather resistant finish to withstand the harsh Australian climate and provide minimal visual impact when installed in line of sight.  All fasteners are zinc plated for corrosion resistance and superior durability.

To prevent the likelihood of condensation forming inside the casing, Daikin Rooftop Packaged Units are equipped with 10mm Polyethylene panel insulation throughout.

Evaporator Fan and Drive
Daikin Rooftop Packaged Units use a belt driven, double width double inlet (DWDI) centrifugal forward curved evaporator fan.  In conjunction with the factory fitted Variable Pitch Pulley (VPP), this evaporator fan allows the unit to deliver a wide range of airflows and external static pressures.

Expansion Device
For precise control of refrigerant flow, the UAYQ-C series is equipped with an Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV). Rooftop Package Unit

Compressor used in UAYQ-C series Packaged Units are hermetically sealed scroll type.  All compressors are fitted with an internal overload protection to protect your investment.


Download the latest Rooftop Packaged Systems Brochure for more information.

Technical Documents:

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