BACNet / LonWorks

BACNet / LonWorks Interfaces

Daikin’s Open Protocol Interface devices give you the freedom to integrate your Daikin air conditioning system with the two leading Building Management Systems (BMS), BACNet and LonWorks. This means you can integrate new Daikin hardware into your existing infrastructure and take advantage of the advanced functionality and reporting available through these dedicated BMS platforms.

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DMS502B51 Interface for use in BACnet

The BACNet interface allows a Building Management System to control all of Daikin’s product range including VRV, Ducted or Cassette systems and our split systems.  The BACnet Interface uses a standard open protocol based on ASHRAE Standard 135.


Through a single BACNet interface*, up to 256 indoor unit groups and 40 outdoor units can be controlled and monitored via the BACNet Building Management System.  


These include the following;

      • Single set point setting for Cooling and Heating
      • Fan status and Fan Speed
      • Airflow direction (dependent upon indoor unit type)
      • Remote controller permit/prohibit of On/Off, Mode, and Set Point
      • Filter sign reset for indoor units
      • Accumulated system energy consumption (optional)




* with an optional DAM411B51 expansion module.  A standard BACnet gateway can interface with up to 128 indoor units and 20 outdoor systems.

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