VRV R - Heat Recovery

VRV R - Heat Recovery

  • Available in
    Heat Recovery
  • Capacities
    Standard: 16kW-168kW, High COP: 32kW-101kW
  • Refrigerant
  • Efficiency Version

Modern office buildings are increasingly airtight and subject to greater heat loads thanks to computers, lighting, equipment and other modern office equipment. Depending on the solar heat gains, occupancy and equipment loads some areas within a modern office may even require cooling in the depths of winter.

To meet the complex heating and cooling requirements of the modern office building, Daikin’s VRV R is able to simultaneously heat and cool different parts of the building. In doing so, the Heat Recovery process that is occurring allows waste heat from one part of the building to be redirected to another that requires heating resulting in a system that provides superior comfort levels at significant energy efficiency gains compared to conventional HVAC systems.

In conjunction VRV R now offers improved energy performance over its predecessors with the introduction of VRT Smart technology.

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  • Individual FCU calculates required capacity based on ΔT, temperature trends
  • FCU regulates airflow according to load (i.e. variable air volume control)
  • If load cannot be met through Airside Control, condenser will regulate to meet load requirements


  • Better comfort levels for occupants
    • FCU does not turn thermo off
    • Fast response to load change
  • Improved energy performance across the year


  • New 6HP Model in Heat Recovery
  • New VRT Smart feature, delivers superior comfort and energy performance
  • Maximum operating range of VRV R now up to 49°C (in Cooling Operations)
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