Complete coverage from Daikin at ARBS 2018

Complete coverage from Daikin at ARBS 2018

Complete coverage from Daikin at ARBS 2018

Daikin has committed to a total revamp of its range of product solutions for both commercial and domestic applications, along with the launch of a controls solution through their applied business unit.

As the world moves on from R410A, Daikin promises to lead the way with the transition to R32. Committing to having “The Best Air Anywhere”, Daikin shows R32 to be the most balanced solution for any application with zero ozone depletion and low global warming potential. R32 has a high refrigerant potential at a low charge, is classed A2L for slight flammability and, being a single component gas, it is easy to recycle and reuse. Overall R32 is the most economical and readily available refrigerant.

It is worth remembering that Daikin is also a manufacturer of refrigerant gas, providing it with the unique potential to optimise its total design to deliver the best outcome. The result of this research by Daikin will see it committed to introducing a range of domestic products utilising R32 over the coming year.

Residential Solutions

This year will see the launch of the new Zena designer split system series ranging from 2.5 kW through to 6kW. Engineered with built-in Wi-Fi connectability and a 31% reduction in indoor unit size over its predecessor, the new Zena is available in a Black Wood or White Hair-line finish to look smart in any interior. Extra features to be found in the new Zena include a Grid Eye Sensor for draught free comfort and floor temperature monitoring to ensure even room temperatures, Daikin’s proprietary Flash Streamer Technology for improved indoor air quality and Vertical Airflow Function for ultimate heating comfort.

If you’re after multi room air conditioning, Daikin will also be launching the R32 Super Multi NX, an industry’s first R32 multi split system. It takes only one outdoor unit to maintain comfort in up to five rooms and will be able to connect to Daikin’s Cora range of wall mounted split systems, the new Zena, bulkhead units, compact cassette and a new mid static slim-line ducted unit. The slim-line ducted units are made to take full advantage of current apartment building practices; at only 245mm height the indoor unit is ideal for low profile ceiling voids.

Commercial Solutions


At ARBS 2018 Daikin showcased a new VRV Heat Pump series with its unique VRT Smart feature (VRT + Airside Control) for the first time.

The technology behind VRT Smart enables the refrigerant temperature to be varied according to the load whilst also automatically adjusting the indoor airflow rate. Ultimately the result is improved energy savings and occupant comfort. Enhancing the capability of the range is the utilisation of the new ‘K’ Type Compressor on selected models featuring a new state-of-the-art back-pressure control mechanism that minimises refrigerant leakage for improved low load operation of up to 15% from its VRV IV predecessor.

The VRV Heat Pump series are compatible with Daikin’s complete range of VRV indoor units for an enhanced choice for customers including their new range of Round Flow Cassettes and Single Flow Cassettes. The VRV Heat Pump is available in either the standard type or High COP models with capacities from 16kW up to 168kW.

As an extension to Daikin’s VRV series, the VRV AHU range was on display. These air handling units are an industry first, paired with VRV Heat Pump and are most suited for large floorplans such as warehouses, shopping malls, hospitals, and sporting facilities. Available in two series, the Standard Series has an airflow range from 900L/s to 7800L/s with capacity range from 15.4kW to 167.6kW. While the Outdoor Air Series comes in at 566L/s to 4550L/s with capacities from 25.7kW to 202.6kW.

The benefits of the new VRV AHU system are plentiful including indoor fan ESP of up to 500Pa, long pipe runs of up to 165m and connecting to an air-cooled condenser negates the need for cooling towers. Custom configurations are also available with a wide range of selectable options from evaporator coil design, casing, filters, fan type and even physical specifications to suit site constraints.

Applied Solutions




The launch of Daikin’s new plantroom controls and optimization solution at ARBS 2018, iPlant Manager, follows on from their vast experience as leading HVAC solution providers for commercial buildings.

Daikin’s iPlant Manager is designed to run plant rooms at the optimum efficiency. This is driven through real and measurable energy saving strategies, integrating advanced algorithms in the control of all main HVAC component plants. Its state-of-the-art technology infrastructure is designed to be completely transparent to the building management system, enabling full control and operation of the system in the easiest and most intuitive way through a standard, interoperable building management system interface.

The masses of data managed by Daikin’s iPlant Manager is readily accessible and easy to use through its smart reporting and user-friendly diagnostics functions. A full range of pre-scheduled and on-demand instant reports, along with diagnostic alarms allows decisions to be made based on real information. By comparing real values against design data and monitoring trends, this module allows early detection of faults, poor performance, and system degradation, providing excellent support for a condition-based maintenance regime.

Just like other existing control systems in commercial buildings such as lighting, security, and fire prevention; Daikin’s iPlant Manager offer the best investment to harness the energy saving potential offered by HVAC plant room equipment, driving real energy saving routines and effectively reducing your total energy bill. iPlant Manager is a further example of Daikin’s commitment to the Applied market in Australia and to Daikin’s expansion of their range of solutions that meet the local market requirements and offer further energy savings.






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