Daikin Australian Made

Daikin Australian Made

Through our commitment to expand local manufacturing capability, Daikin Australia are proud to announce that a range of products have successfully gained Australian Made certification.


This year, Daikin is excited to grow our local footprint, with four Daikin products now officially bearing Australian Made certification. This achievement is not only great news for Daikin, but also for consumers and businesses wanting to support our local economy.

Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro says, “We are thrilled to welcome Daikin Australia into the Australian Made team. The Australian Made logo is the perfect addition to the Daikin Australia brand. It makes a powerful statement about the organisation’s commitment to the local manufacturing sector, job creation and the support of the local community.”

“These Australian Made certifications are the first we’ve attained at Daikin, and it’s a very proud moment for us,” says Shaun Uehara, Managing Director of Daikin Australia. “Our wish has always been to have our brand welcomed by the people of Australia, and this is a key reason why we began local production in Australia 37 years ago. With our new factory expansion, we’ll be able to create even more opportunities for Australian people.”

A registered certification trademark, the Australian Made logo has helped countless brands communicate their Australian credentials to consumers, businesses and the government. It’s Australia’s most trusted and recognised country of origin symbol, and is underpinned by a third-party accreditation system – ensuring that all products that carry the logo are certified as 'genuinely Australian'.

“It makes me really proud to see the ‘Australian Made’ logo on Daikin products as they roll off our assembly line,” says Nicholas MacDonald, Manufacturing Manager of Daikin Australia. “I know how hard our team has worked to realise this goal and I’m so proud of their efforts. We have quality products produced in our local factory, anchoring jobs and skills right here in Australia”

We’re also in the process of expanding our factory in Sydney, a process that has been underway since October 2018 and is expected to complete by mid-2019. Increasing our local facilities will make it even easier for Daikin to maintain high levels of innovation and quality control – and to apply for additional Australian Made certifications in future. The factory expansion also means that there will be further employment opportunities for those in the local community.

The products that now display the Australian Made label are Daikin’s Ducted Indoor Units, High Static Pressure Indoor Ducted VRV Units, Low Static Pressure Indoor Ducted VRV Units and VRV Packaged Rooftop Air Conditioning Units. Daikin’s committed to continuing this trend into the future in onshoring the production of more product lines – watch this space.



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