VRV H – Heat Pump


VRV H Heat Pump Series

The new 6th generation series offers improvements in design, ease of installation, reliability, and performance.

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Designed for maximum flexibility and space-saving, the new 6th generation VRV H system seamlessly adapts to both single and multi-module configurations. Its intelligent design reduces the footprint of mechanical equipment, minimises electrical and piping connections, and offers unmatched adaptability during building design. Experience scalable capacity and reclaim valuable leasing space for owners and occupants of existing buildings. Elevate your HVAC system to new heights with our advanced VRV technology.

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Daikin VRV H Heat Pump Series

VRV H Series (RXYQ-BYM) is the newest addition to Daikin’s flagship VRV range offering improvements in design, capacity, ease of installation, reliability, comfort and energy savings.

Key Features

Achieve unparalleled comfort with the ultimate heating and cooling experience.

  • Perfect fusion

    Compact modular design

    22 & 24HP model sits at just 1,750mm wide x 765mm deep x 1,660mm tall representing a 4% reduction in total footprint and 4% reduction in weight compared to the 5th generation model.

  • Advanced purification

    Enhanced lineup

    3 new chassis designs (M, L & XL) with single modules starting at 8HP capacity. Thanks to the XL chassis, 22HP (61.5kW) & 24HP (67.0kW) single modules models are now also available.

  • WiFI

    Significantly improved energy efficiency

    High Efficiency P-Type Compressor delivers an efficiency improvement of up to 29%* compared to the 5th generation model.

    *At 50% part load EER

  • Intelligent comfort

    Engineered for ease of installation and service

    Sealed electrical box with ingress protection rating of IP55 providing high dust and moisture protection, new service window provides access to multi-functional digital display for easy commissioning and troubleshooting, and separate wiring and piping provides quick access for installation and service.

  • Intelligent comfort

    Improved operation limits

    Refrigerant cooled inverter PCB with three cooling points of contact, allows for operation at a maximum ambient temperature of 52°C^.

    ^Limited to 49°C if outdoor is above indoor and height difference >90m

  • Mould-proof operation

    Increased refrigerant piping Length and height difference extension

    Refrigerant piping lengths of up to 165m are possible and the maximum height difference between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit has been extended to 110m which is an improvement of 20m from the 5th generation model.

IP55 compliant sealed electrical component box

Prevents the entrance of various debris such as geckos, insects, sand and water, reducing the risk of failure.

Refrigerant cooled inverter PCB

Three refrigerant cooling circuits enable stable operation even in high outdoor temperatures by cooling the inverter PCB in the electrical component box.

Electrical component service window

Main PCB 7-segment LED and setting buttons can be accessed without removing the front panel, improving workability for servicing and field settings.

High efficiency compressor

New technologies improve part load performance, increase seasonal efficiency and enable a compact design.

Sensitive Choice
VRV Smart II Control
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Provides ultimate comfort & energy savings by automatically optimising core system elements such as variable refrigerant temperature (VRT), indoor unit fan speed, compressor speed and now also outdoor unit fan speed.

Sensitive Choice
3 Year Warranty
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3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty on new generation VRV H models RXYQ8-24BYM

Contact a Daikin Sales Engineer

A Daikin Sales Engineer will assess, plan and install the right air conditioning solution for you, with creativity and sensitivity to the needs of your family or business.

VRV General Catalogue

Daikin VRV is a commercially applied climate management solution that optimises comfort and control whilst delivering significant energy efficiencies.
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