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Daikin VRV IV Water Cooled (VRV IV-W) is an individual air conditioning system that utilities water as a heat source. In this unique system, water is piped from a central cooling tower or boiler to the compact VRV IV-W unit (the equivalent of the outdoor unit/condenser in a conventional air conditioning system) and after heat exchange, refrigerant is piped from the VRV IV-W unit to each indoor unit.

This unique system allows this condenser to be placed inside the building, which greatly extends design flexibility and makes it easier to adapt to creative building facades where air cooled VRV solutions are not possible. Furthermore VRV IV-W can perform as a heat pump or heat recovery system to suit the requirements of most commercial applications.

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Product Information

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VRV-WIII offers 2-stage heat recovery operation
  • Unified heat pump or heat recovery (simultaneous operation) condensing unit
  • Variable Refrigerant Temperature "VRT" technology for improved energy efficiency and comfort
  • 16kW, 22.4kW, 28.0kW & 33.5kW condenser modules available that may be combined for a maximum capacity of 101kW
  • Continuous operation for cold climates, delivering comfortable heating performance with no defrost
  • Long refrigerant lines of up to 120m (linear run) and a total of 300m
  • Plate Heat Exchanger can withstand a maximum water pressure up to 30kPA (for water design water flow rate of 1.6L/s)
  • Allows for a maximum connection ratio of 130%
  • Condensers are compact 780x550x1,000mm (WxDxH), lightweight - 146kg (16kW class) and can be double-stacked to minimize spatial requirements
  • The advanced self-diagnostic auto-check function detects malfunctions, immediately displaying the fault type and location so it can be resolved quickly and effectively
  • Condensing unit sound level as low as 49dB(A)
  • Connects to all advanced Daikin Control Solutions including I-Touch Controller and I-Touch Manager
  • Can be integrated to Open Protocol Building Management Systems via the Daikin BACnet® and LonWorks ® interfaces


Advanced features for easy installation and superior reliability

  • VRV IV-W features a pump interlock function, controlling the heat source pump in parallel
    with the starting of the VRV IV-W unit, significantly simplifying operation and management of a
    buildings air conditioning system.
  • VRV IV-W uses DIII-NET - Daikin's proprietary high speed transfer protocol.
    DIII-NET means all indoor units, VRV IV-W units and control systems can share common wiring, making installation easier.
  • VRV IV-W can also be easily connected to existing third party BMS systems via Daikin DIII Net.
  • VRV IV-W includes an auto address setting function and check function to detect and flag wiring and piping connection errors, for easier installation.
  • Water piping goes only to the VRV IV-W unit, with refrigerant piping run in occupied spaces.  This means there is virtually no risk of water leakage or corrosion damaging interior fit out.

Centralised interlocking function

VRV IV-W allows centralised interlocking input via an external control adaptor (DTA104A62).

By using one external control adaptor circuit board, centralised interlocking input to multiple units within the same water system is possible.

Centralised interlocking function
Easily Responds to Simultaneous Heating and Cooling Needs

By adding suction gas piping and a BS unit (sold separately), simultaneous heating and cooling operation can be provided by a single system.

Standard System(Heat Pump) Standard Heat Recovery Heat Recovery

* For indoor units used for cooling only (do not connect to BS unit when using for heat recovery), total capacity index must be 50% or less than the capacity index of the outside units.

Water-Side Infrastructure & Components

  • A water loop system is routed around the building, either vertically or horizontally.
  • Heat Injection (Boilers) and Rejection (Cooling Tower or Dry Coolers) are required to ensure that the water loop remains between the required design conditions of 10-45°C.
  • VRV IV-W condensers are connected to the water loop and the connecting refrigerant circuit serves indoor units the same as any air cooled VRV system.

The following Water Side components are required:

  • Strainer (Mandatory)
  • Flow Switch or Differential Pressure Switch (Mandatory)
  • Pressure and temperature gauges
  • Circulation Pumps
Sensitive Choice
Minimum Energy Performance Standards
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All Daikin air conditioners exceed MEPS requirements, in line with Daikin’s commitment to providing energy efficient, quiet, simple to use and reliable air conditioning solutions.

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VRV General Catalogue

Daikin VRV is a commercially applied climate management solution that optimises comfort and control whilst delivering significant energy efficiencies.

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