VRVIII-Q is specifically designed for R22 replacement use.  Thanks to its unique refrigerant control system, VRV III-Q can be installed using a buildings existing piping* without the need for additional special equipment or major installation work.

This ability makes it ideal for refurbishing a buildings existing air conditioning system as it can be installed quickly and easily, with minimal disruption to the building occupants.  VRVIII-Q is available in either the Heat Pump or Heat Recovery series.

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  • Reuse existing pipework (where applicable)
  • High efficiency, EER & COP
  • Broad range of outdoor systems in both heat pump and heat recovery options
  • Automatic refrigerant charge
  • Simplified test operation
  • High 78.4 Pa external static pressure
  • Compact and light weight, significantly reducing constraints during carry-in
  • Compact form factor for reduced footprint

System Design

In refurbishing an existing R22 system, specialised equipment must be used to clean the entire piping network of the mineral oil used in R22 systems and other contaminants.  VRVIII-Q negates this step by utilising a built-in system flushing function, automatically flushing the piping network of contaminants and other deposits, collecting them in a cylinder for disposal, then recharging the system with new R410a refrigerant.

Automatic refrigerant charge measurement

When charging an existing air conditioning system with refrigerant, determining the necessary refrigerant charge can be difficult as the pipe run of the existing system may not be known.  VRVIII-Q simplifies the process by automatically measuring the exact refrigerant charge required for any given application, reducing the time spent on site during the commissioning stage.

Simplified Test Operation

Thanks to VRVIII-Q’s simplified test operation, system flushing and refrigerant charging are carried out with a single push of a button.  Combined with the automatic measurement of required refrigerant charge, this dramatically simplifies the testing and commissioning process when compared to conventional air systems.



System Flexibility

Up to 64 indoor units can be connected to a single system, significantly higher than other legacy systems, so depending on your design it is possible to consolidate existing piping into a single piping run.

Enables increased capacity from a buildings existing piping

Thanks to VRVIII-Q's clever design and advanced technology you can increase the cooling capacity output of your air conditioning system whilst using the existing piping*.  That is, you can install a 16 Class (45kW) VRVIII-Q system using the existing refrigerant piping of a conventional 10 Class (28kW) R-22 system, providing enhanced performance without costly rework.


*The existing piping must be capable of handling an operating pressure of 3.3MPa, otherwise it should be replaced.  Thermal insulation must be used for liquid and gas piping.

  1. R-22 and R-410A indoor units cannot be combined in a single system due to incompatible communications.
  2. Conventional Branch Selector (BS) Units must be replaced in Heat Recovery systems.
  3. VRVIII-Q requires 3.3MPa or higher rated piping or branch piping.  Existing field piping whose wall thickness do not meet the requirements of VRVIII-Q may require replacement.  Thermal insulation is required for liquid and gas piping.
Sensitive Choice
Minimum Energy Performance Standards
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All Daikin air conditioners exceed MEPS requirements, in line with Daikin’s commitment to providing energy efficient, quiet, simple to use and reliable air conditioning solutions.

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Daikin VRV is a commercially applied climate management solution that optimises comfort and control whilst delivering significant energy efficiencies.

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